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      The Union Colony Exchange Club

The Union Colony Exchange Club is part of the National Exchange Club, an all volunteer community service organization comprised of men and women who help serve the needs of our local Weld County area.


The Exchange Club is the oldest service organization in the United States, founded in 1911. We are the only community service organization that solely serves America. Community service opens our hearts, connects us to our cities, states, and country, and fills the present with meaning.  Joining Exchange involves tapping into our personal strengths and using those strengths to serve our community. In addition it offers a refreshing change to every day life. Come and join Exchange.  Experience why it is a privilege to serve the needs of our community.  Follow us on Facebook.


Child abuse prevention is at the top of our list.  Supporting Life Stories, a child advocacy group, helps enable this organization to do their work in preventing abuse to children. 


Christmas becomes a more enjoyable time of the year for kids in need as we help provide gifts through Toys For Tots and Santa Cops.


We also provide scholarships for young adults who are moving into higher education.


We help send our veterans to the memorials in Washington DC with donations of money and time to Honor Flight of Northern Colorado

At Christmas time the Union Colony Exchange Club Sponsors Wreaths Across America. Our past Veterans are honored with the placement of Christmas Wreaths at their grave sites in Linn Grove Cemetery.


'Proudly We Hail' and 'Freedom Shrine' (image) are two exclusive programs of The Exchange Club.  Many of our country's founding documents are displayed with Freedom Shrines throughout our community, located in local schools, courthouses, military  and community buildings.  We also honor the displaying of the American Flag through our program of  'Proudly We Hail'.


Sometimes with labor and sometimes with funding, we have and continue to support many of our local community organizations.  The list includes Weld Food Bank, Meals On Wheels, RSVP, Habitat For Humanity, Guadalupe Center, The Resource Center and others. 


'Give A Kid A Flag To Wave' is another Exchange Club exclusive.  During select local events including Greeley Lights the Night (image) we hand 1,000's of small flags out to kids in our community to encourage Americanism.

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